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Why Study Diploma of Quality Auditing?

Why Study Diploma of Quality Auditing?

Develop the competencies required to support self-assurance on compliance.

The demand for talented individuals at all levels of internal auditing far exceeds the supply. In fact, auditing is widely regarded as a prestigious and a high-profile profession.

Compliance continues to be a major concern for the boards, CEOs and senior management of most organisations. There are increasing risks associated with new levels of complexity and the pace of changes in legislative and regulatory requirements.

 Auditor’s functions are no longer seen as simply checking others’ work to report the mistakes they make but are recognised for the value they add by:

  • Providing assurance on governance, risk management and quality control
  • Providing insights to support improvements in an organisation’s performance, and
  • Being an objective source of independent advice.

The main objective for auditors is to help organisations achieve their business objectives. Consequently, the focus of audits include:

  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency of business processes
  • Reliability of information systems and the quality of the decision-making information produced by those systems
  • Safeguarding assets against loss, including losses resulting from management and employee fraud
  • Safety, and
  • Compliance with an organisation’s policies, contracts, laws and regulations.

 Auditors are expected to assess the effectiveness of the organisation’s compliance framework including identifying and assessing risks, understanding, monitoring, handling non-compliances, continuous improvement and reporting.

The new BSB50920 Diploma of Quality Auditing is aligned with Australian and International standards and meets the needs of today’s complex workplaces.

You will develop the skills required to manage your own professional development, manage business risk, understand, evaluate and review compliance requirements, establish compliance management systems, facilitate continuous improvement, plan, lead and report on quality audits.

The Diploma of Quality Auditing is the key for opportunities to work as a quality auditor, compliance manager, quality consultant, or quality facilitator, and a pathway to further studies in quality and risk management.

ROI Institute Australia has customised this qualification to meet the needs of professionals working within the vocational education and training sector and the VET Quality Framework.