About Us

ROI Institute Australia was founded in 1999 and helps individuals to get started with their careers, changing directions, or upskilling to adapt and succeed in a challenging evolving workplace environment.

We are committed to delivering training and education that have positive effects on individuals and businesses. We are the first registered training organisation in Australia to apply the five levels of training evaluation (reactions, learning, application, effect, and ROI) for the design and evaluation of its training products.
Our experienced career advisors, learning designers, trainers, and learning support team, are always looking for innovative ways to transfer relevant industry skills to our learners, and maximising the benefits for their organisations.

We tailor training programs to learners’ individual needs. Whether you are looking for a new career, or need to keep up with industry changes, our staff will recommend the best course and delivery mode to meet your needs. 

Our students are confident about getting the best qualifications and results from an industry- respected provider. We are Australian leaders in talent development.

Meetthe Team

Monette Villanueva
Monette Villanueva
Monette has been employed in the VET industry for nearly 4 years as our RTO administration and student support officer. She primarily assists students and undertakes a broad range of tasks to ensure the administration runs smoothly. She strives to keep a cordial, professional relationship with trainers and students since she enjoys interacting with people.
 Karla Rahmani
Karla RahmaniSocial Media Marketing Coordinator
Karla has shared her expertise in digital marketing and graphic design for years. She has assisted the organization with social media channels on industry trends. She interacts with users and responds to social media messages, requests and comments. She reviews analytics and generates reports on key metrics. She helps develop and manage marketing strategies.
Rodel Dagohoy
Rodel DagohoyWeb Developer
Javier Amaro
Javier AmaroCEO
Javier is the CEO of ROI Institute Australia, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 30122) in Australia. Javier had worked in vocational training and education for more than 17 years. His experience includes designing and delivering more than 500 training programs to training managers, supervisors, facilitators, trainers and assessors, and TVET practitioners around the world.
Venus Basa
Venus Basa
Venus is our resident instructional designer and educational content developer. She ensures the quality of the organisation's training products, and helps the team produce quality content for learners and stakeholders. She is an educator at heart with a passion for learning, and a humongous interest with anything to do with knowledge, skills, and personal development.
Dr Mo Kader
Dr Mo KaderTrainer
Dr. Mo Kader is Managing Director of Consultica Worldwide Management Consultants and a trainer. He has 23 years of experience in both business and education and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development. He is a Chartered Manager, Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, the Australian Marketing Institute, and the Australian Human Resources Institute.
Nikheel Naidu
Nikheel NaiduBusiness Development Manager
Nikheel is an experienced business development manager & course consultant. Driven by his passion for the VET Sector, he takes pride in providing the best consultative service and advice to organisations and students regarding their training and development needs.
Maria Janet (MJ) Castro
Maria Janet (MJ) CastroRTO Services Coordinator
MJ is our RTO Services Coordinator. She assists and ensures compliance with the organisation's processes and training packages. Helps develop and update training and assessment strategies, as well as proper documentation and evidence gathering. She loves to put everything in order and is keen on details.

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