BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing



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Diploma of Quality Auditing

This qualification has been customised to meet the needs of a Compliance Manager within a Registered Training Organisation.

Compliance is the most critical risk that RTOs must manage in today's highly regulated VET environment. Compliance has escalated from being an administrative activity to a management function that has an increasing effect on the RTO's strategic and operational decisions.

Compliance Managers must understand
and ensure their RTO's compliance with:

  • All components of the Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework
  • The Regulator's (ASQA, TAC, or VRQA) General Directions
  • Relevant Training Packages.

To be successful in compliance,
Managers need to be competent in:

  1. Business Planning and Management
  2. Managing Training and Education
  3. Managing Quality and Compliance

This qualification is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources, knowledge and confidence to successfully manage RTO compliance.

This program includes eight units of competency organised in three clusters and specifically contextualized for the job of a RTO Compliance Manager.

The program is delivered over a period of 12 months, including fully interactive online resources, webinars, workshops, and work placement activities. This is a hands on program, and learners are required to successfully complete two assessment validations, one internal audit, and develop a portfolio with all evidence required for a RTO's re-registration application.

Course Structure

> Business planning and management

1. DEFGEN011 - Interpret policy, legislation and regulations 
2. BSBMGT518 - Develop organisation policy

> Managing training and education

3. DEFEVL004 Evaluate a training and assessment system 
4. BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
5. BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement

> Managing quality and compliance

6. BSBAUD501 Initiate a quality audit
7. BSBAUD503 Lead a quality audit
8. BSBAUD504 Report on a quality audit

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This training program is suitable for:

Current professionals working as compliance managers within a RTO that want to further develop their skills and knowledge in RTO compliance, and incorporate a consistent set of policies, procedures, templates and tools into their own toolbox; or individuals seeking work opportunities as RTO compliance managers and need to gain the skills and knowledge required to manage RTO compliance, and start their own toolbox containing a consistent set of policies, procedures, templates and tools.